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VidGuard can address a wide range of security needs. The Security CAD sub-system lets you you work with a huge range of security hardware, including PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras, electric door locks, make/break contacts, etc.

Select the option that best describes your requirements for summary configuration information and pricing.

Home Security   One or two security cameras with pager alert and remote access by modem or DSL.
Small Business   Two to sixteen security cameras running on one to four networked PCs, possibly in multiple locations. Video identity verification and electronic door release from any workstation on the network. Communication by modem, DSL or WAN.
Enterprise Security   Eight to 1000 cameras integrated with the corporate information system. Systems distributed over multiple buildings in multiple locations. Hierarchical central station control. Integration with existing alarm back-planes
Bars and Clubs   OCR (optical character recognition) of drivers licenses gives a fast, accurate go/no go of drinking age compliance.
MIS Security   Access control cards are fallible. For critical information systems, you need the additional protection of video access logs.
Parking Lot Security   VidGuard's integration with pan/tilt/zoom cameras makes it easy to protect large areas



•  1 port video input card
•  4 port video input card
•  7/24 intruder alert
•  Automatic camera scan
•  Bars and clubs
•  Cabling
•  Camera zones
•  Cameras
•  Central station control
•  Computer aided design
•  Covert camera
•  Dial-up access
•  Digital pan/tilt/zoom
•  Digitizers
•  Door release
•  Electric Lock
•  Hierarchical central station
•  How to order
•  IR camera
•  Motion detection
•  Network access
•  Off-site transfer
•  Optical character recognition
•  P+V cabling
•  Pager alert
•  Pan/tilt/zoom cameras
•  Parking lot security
•  Patch panel
•  PCI video input card
•  Pelco pan/tilt/zoom cameras
•  Remote management
•  Security CAD
•  Security solution packs
•  Security zones
•  Wireless camera
•  Zero lux camera







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