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Home Security

Conventional security systems that rely on make/break circuits can fall short for home protection. They only protect the interior of your home, are prone to false alarms and can be disabled by an intruder.

VidGuard does not rely on conventional make/break circuits or space detectors, so you can use VidGuard to protect open areas as well as older buildings and outdoor structures.

VidGuard lets you build an advanced video security system that you can access from nearly anywhere by modem, ISDN or the Internet. With its built-in security CAD system and flexible triggering options, VidGuard can integrate with your existing alarm contacts to protect both the inside and exterior of your home.

Exterior cameras give you a complete time-stamped video audit trail of everyone who approaches your home. You can configure the system to be active only during certain hours. Pager integration and instant remote access by modem or DSL gives you 7 day 24 hour coverage. Because you can see what raised a security event, you can virtually eliminate false alarms.

VidGuard makes it easy and economical to protect second homes or other remote locations. Pager integration and automatic dial-out when a security event is detected means you only need a shared analog phone line for full communications capability.

You own the equipment, so there are no recurring charges.

For best value, select from our range of home security solution packs. These are full turnkey solutions ready to install in your PC.

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How to order VidGuard


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