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Small to Medium Business Security

VidGuard's scalability, communications capability, and integration with a wide range of security hardware make it an ideal base for a small business security system.

Business hours security

During business hours VidGuard can provide very cost-effective security coverage. Some of VidGuard's applications include:

Electric door lock integration. Any authorized operator can activate the door release after visual identification from the video from any PC on the network.

Parking lot security. Enhance employee safety and building security with effective, automatic coverage of parking lots and open areas.

Door reports and restricted area coverage. Electric door lock integration. Any authorized operator can activate a door release after on-screen visual identification from any PC on the network.

VidGuard uses a continuous loop system to store security data to hard disk, so the oldest information is replaced by new data. Once set up, the system needs virtually no maintenance, there are no tapes to rotate and manage.

Non-business hours security

In a security role, one or more security cameras (or other security hardware) continuously monitors the areas being protected. When a possible intrusion is detected, VidGuard records a video report of the incident and can send an alert by pager, or dial-up modem.

Once an alert is received the operator remotely accesses VidGuard and determines the action to take - either ignore the incident if it is a false alarm or escalate.

VidGuard gives you effectively the same protection as 24 hour security guards at a fraction of the cost.

The system is not limited to use internal to buildings, it can protect machinery stored outdoors, new and used vehicle sale yards, lumber yards and the grounds and external areas of buildings.

For best value, select from our range of home security solution packs. These are full turnkey solutions ready to install in your PC.

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