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VidGuard is designed to replace analog tape-based security systems in any application that needs reliable, low-maintenance video security with remote network or modem access. Computer hardware has declined in cost where it now makes sense to move video security systems from analog recorders and sequencers to a digital system.

Remote management capable

Remotely view live and recorded video and manage your security system by dial-up modem, DSL, ISDN, LAN, WAN or wireless networking. Lets you access your video security system from off-site, virtually eliminating false alarms.

Scalable architecture for enterprise level security

VidGuard lets you build large distributed video security systems running on multiple networked PCs and manage the whole system from one or more central station PCs. You get one integrated view of your whole system and quick access to live video and recorded security events from any camera. And you can control all connected security devices like pan/tilt/zoom cameras, electric doors, etc. either manually or pre-programmed using Security CAD.



Industry Standard Architecture

VidGuard runs on industry standard Windows PCs, LANs and the Internet. You can select from the vast range of high quality, low cost ISA and PCI expansion cards available for memory, network interface and storage.

The system is built using object oriented data management technology, optimized for the high data rates of networked multimedia (video, sound. etc.). Because the application is designed using UML (Universal Modeling Language), reliability can be designed in from the start, and we can offer leading-edge features.

For information on UML and OMA (Object Management Architecture) see the OMG web site.

Advantages of VidGuard

Current technology video security systems use analog video cameras, recording to tapes on a modified VCR. Video is displayed on special purpose monitors and system intelligence is limited to activating the recorder by tripping a light beam or a costly infra-red space sensor.

VidGuard offers significant advantages.

1. VidGuard is automatic - you don't need a full time operator to monitor security events. VidGuard can run unattended with very little maintenance, collecting an audit trail of security events that you can browse later.

2. VidGuard offers non-linear access to security reports. Unlike a conventional tape-based video security system, VidGuard lets you quickly and efficiently locate a specific security event by date or time. With a tape based system you could have to manually examine hundreds of hours of video tape to accomplish the same result.

3. VidGuard integrates seamlessly with your existing network infrastructure. You can view video security reports from anywhere there's a network connection. You can use dial up modem, direct cable connection, LAN, ISDN Internet, wireless or microwave link. Use any Windows PC to view security reports and any Windows 95 PC as the security server.

4. VidGuard is self contained. All security events are detected using only the video stream, so you don't need additional motion sensors or light beams. This makes VidGuard simpler and more reliable. You can even use a telephoto lens to protect areas without power or a network connection.

5. VidGuard is an all digital system - image acquisition is by high reliability digital video camera, and storage and retrieval uses compressed video format.

6. VidGuard uses off the shelf components. Every component is based on PC industry standards, and there are hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers for each, so VidGuard does not require any investment in special purpose hardware. You can manage your security system using the same tools and techniques as the rest of your network and computers.

7. VidGuard enables you to centralize security control. For installations that require security operators, you can establish a centralized security console servicing several distributed buildings or facilities and locate your security console according to labor costs or other considerations. Consolidation and centralization means economies of scale, ease of management and other cost reduction opportunities.

8. For installations that require security operators, VidGuard lets your operators visually assess threat scenarios from off-site before making an escalation decision. False alarms are major contributors to security costs. With VidGuard your operators can see what triggered an alert within seconds of detection. You get all the advantages of 24 hour on-site attendance at a fraction of the cost.



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